Welcome to PARAGON s. r. o.

In the year  2022 Paragon  celebrate the 30th anniversary of establishment. We went through various development stages, to shape to one of the most successful high-profile company, which is operating on the Slovakian air-conditioning and cooling market.

In 1992, we proceeded to continue in the activities of the branch office of Carrier Transex direct behalf of Carrier. From the beginning, we focused on the sale - delivery sphere. Later on, we expanded our activities to maintenance of cooling & air-conditioning appliances. For Slovak republic, we acquired other exclusive abundances from the world trade brands as

CLIMAVENETA  - Italian manufacturer of chillers, heat pumps, etc..

JACIR - French manufacturer of cooling towers

REFRION - Italian manufacturer of dry coolers and condensers

NORDMANN ENGINEERING   Walter Meier - Swiss manufacturer of steam humidifiers

and continues to maintain direct cooperation with other specialized producers of certain products. Our company is fully supported by these companies and their disposal a complete software design and selection of cooling/refrigeration and air conditioning.

Assortment air-conditioning units provided by Paragon, contains more than 10 000 different products, manufactured in variable parts of the world. We distribute appliances involving wide areas of cooling, freezing, air-conditioning and humidifying. Above all, it is mainly liquid coolers with cooling effectiveness from 1 kW various types up to 2 400 kW. Different fan coils and split system versions, roof-top appliances, condensing units, air-handling units, turbo compressors, air-humidifiers and many more components.

Focusing on Paragons' specification on the cooling systems, cooling water distribution etc. as well as services provided from technical advice and design, delivery, putting in operation, warranty and after warranty maintenance, brought our company up to the prominent ones on the market.